Revised Written Estimates

What is a Revised Written Estimate?

Vanguard Van Lines works tirelessly to ensure to our moves go smoothly and are not charged for additional accessorial fees. However, we are allowed to collect payment at delivery while still being in compliance with our tariff and USDOT regulations. With payment at time of delivery, our movers will assess any unknown accessorial fees such as stairs, shuttle, elevator, etc. along with any extra charges and require payment in full prior to the move. Even if your cubic feet or weight is more than or less than the estimated amount, you are still required to pay for the amount of space allotted for you.

If you take up 200 extra cubes, you will be charged. If you are under 200 cubes, we will cover the cost in this case. In a binding estimate, the foreman may do a revised written estimate before starting the job. The Revised Written Estimate given prior to loading will serve as the only active estimate for which charges will be calculated.

In effect, the Revised Written Estimate cancels the original estimate and acts as the new governing estimate. In order to change the written estimate, both the consumer and moving company must agree to the changes and must do so hastily before loading.

Binding Estimates

How Do Binding Estimates Work?

A moving company that offers the binding price agreement will provide the mover with a binding estimate along with a bill of lading (or receipt). Most experts agree that binding price contracts are usually a good way for movers to receive an estimate for their move and that if possible should make a point of requesting one. A binding estimate in the moving and storage industry means that the estimated price you are quoted is the price you will pay on the day of pickup.

A binding estimate is an agreement made between the consumer and the moving company. It provides the total cost of the move on inventory and description of services written on the binding estimate. The binding estimate is required to be in writing and with both signatures of the customer and moving company.