Free Additional Services
Free Additional Services

Disassembly & Assembly Free!

While many people try to get rid of their bulky furniture during the relocation process, some just can’t part ways with their beloved household goods. The pricing and rates of moving are decided by many different elements, however, you can rest assured knowing that Vanguard Van Lines will disassemble anything that can be taken apart upon arrival. Once your delivery has arrived at its new destination, the movers will then reassemble your items. Those familiar with Ikea, this is the only brand of furniture we do not disassemble or assemble. Did we mention that this was a FREE service?

As discussed in the Resources article, Moving Bulky Items, dealing with large or awkwardly shaped furniture can be quite difficult, but is not impossible. Vanguard Van Lines movers pay the utmost attention to make sure your items are disassembled and assembled quickly and efficiently. Some examples of items you may break down are: dressers, sofas, beds, bed frames, sofas, sectionals, dining tables, exercise equipment, and anything large that requires disassembly to get through doors. While many reputable moving companies would and do charge this as an additional fee that you must add on and pay for, Vanguard Van Lines provides this service for free.

Although if your item does fall into the category of a bulky item, you may be charged as such, which should be discussed with your service industry professional representative. See Moving Bulky Items

When it comes to disassembly and assembly upon arrival and delivery, sometimes it’s better left leaving these types of decisions to the professionals. Our movers provide innovative and accommodating services because they are highly qualified and experienced. Not only that, they will bring the proper equipment and packing materials to disassemble quickly on-site and assemble with great attention upon delivery.

Free Additional Services

3 Free Wrapping Materials!

Yet another free additional service that Vanguard Van Lines automatically provides customers with is free wrapping materials. That mean seem vague now, but we believe free materials helps us better protect our customer’s household goods. This saves on costs and is something that can be taken out of the budget, leaving one less thing to worry about. Although we do not provide your typical boxes, we do provide three wardrobe boxes for free.

At Vanguard Van Lines, we also do not charge for mover’s stretch plastic wrap, mover’s tape, or moving blankets. All of these things are already accounted for each unique relocation, so there is no need to worry about purchasing the above mentioned mover’s resources or worry about them bringing the proper equipment. Although three items does not seem like much, one would be shocked at the usage and security of stretch plastic wrap, mover’s tape, and moving blankets ability to secure items prior to loading the truck.

Mover’s stretch plastic wrap is a simple, yet incredibly useful material. This is especially true during a relocation because it can be used to bundle and fasten when moving and storing items or an entire house. It essentially will keep everything together very tight and secure with hundreds of different ways that it can be used. For example, we could use it to shut and secure dresser drawers or we could bundle some silverware together. It’s so diverse that even in an industry that is growing rapidly and required adaptability it’s still a wrapping material that sticks around year after year. Lastly, it is an incredible protectant for larger items such as furniture. Our Los Angeles movers are well-trained and know every which way when it comes to mastering the art of mover’s stretch tape (or shrink wrap for movers). The material is a primary material as well because of it lacks any sticky residue upon unwrapping.

As a professional moving company, we also supply a number of moving blankets that are required to wrap and protect furniture, couches, bookcases, dressers, tables, and other large items, especially those that have sharp edges or damage easily. First, we utilize the stretch wrap and mover’s tape to secure the item. Mover’s tape is also an extra free component we add as part of our free wrapping materials. Next, we use moving pads to help assure items are delivered free from scratches or dings. Moving blankets are thick and heavily padded to withstand heavy-duty impact while protecting the items throughout the process of a move, throughout transit, and even upon delivery our movers decide it’s best to deliver the item into the new home as is and unwrap it there.

Vanguard Van Lines believes in maintaining only the best for our customers, which is why these key wrapping necessities for protection are free of charge. Customer satisfaction upon delivery is a top priority in our company and is essential to the quality of each relocation from beginning to end.