Inventory Matters

Inventory is Key to a Successful Move

It’s important to be thorough when creating and putting together an inventory list with reputable long distance Los Angeles movers. Vanguard Van Lines offers free detail oriented quotes and understandable breakdowns of each estimate. A moving company offering binding price agreement will provides movers with a binding estimate along with a bill of lading (or detailed receipt). Most experts agree that binding price contracts based on cubic feet are a common route for movers to provide an estimate for a client’s residential relocation. With remarkably experienced movers, proper equipment and tools, and fleet of Los Angeles moving trucks, Vanguard’s movers and storage facility are superior, trustworthy Interstate residential movers. Interstate, long distance, coast to coast, nationwide, and even commercial moving are just a few of our moving specialities alongside our excellent customer service and staff to help you from beginning to end. Check out our 5 stars and coupon on Yelp!

Inventory Matters

Avoid Moving Day Surprises

Our customers are always priority, which is why we want to be concise and straightforward. When you call Vanguard, you will be taken care of by one of our moving consultants. They will discuss your needs for your move, establish every detail of the inventory items that they are provided with. It is important to provide your inventory the best you can so that there are no charges unaccounted for by your representative. Some items you may not think of including like heavy/bulky items (for which there is a fee). These could range between safes, pool tables, pianos, or tool boxes to accessorial fee such as flights of stairs, shuttle fees, elevator fees, etc. On the day of your move, once the contract is signed, it will be considered a binding agreement. However, if you have more cubic feet, the foreman will then rewrite the contract for the appropriate amount of cubic feet. Essentially, our moving and storage company could refuse service if there are additional unlisted items that need to be moved and that is not mentioned in the agreement. If it turns out that additional items need to be added to the contract, a written attachment can be added to the binding agreement, which then makes it a non-binding agreement.

To avoid unbinding the agreement and losing the protection, it is best to make a clear and accurate inventory of all of the items being moved so that the binding contract stays original. Example If you are quoted 500 cu f at $4.00 per cube on your pickup date there is 700 cu f, Vanguard Van Lines honors the $4.00 per cube. However, you may notice your price may be higher than expected. This is exactly what Vanguard Van Lines wants to avoid. By exceeding your cubic space and weight reserved in the moving truck, it becomes stressful for the client because now the foreman will need to rewrite the contract for the proper total cubes. With a highly experienced and committed staff, Vanguard Van Lines is helping to break down barriers of fraudulent hidden fees. No one wants surprises on their move date. Rather than surprise you with fees upon delivery of your household or commercial goods, Vanguard Van Lines wants to prepare our customers from any unwanted financial or ethical surprises.