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Moving Heavy or Bulky Items

Moving heavy or bulky items during an interstate residential move is by no means easy and should be done by professionals. First and most importantly, you want to avoid any physical injuries or extra duress throughout your move. Vanguard Van Lines provides such moving services. The pricing of this service typically varies due to the circumstances of each object. Some examples of bulky items include furniture, exercise machines, gun or regular safes, pianos, commercial equipment, corporate offices, artwork, glass, etc. Once you get your quote, it’s time to get down to the details so that the movers can prepare for the move and customers can prepare their items. Our moving experts will provide the proper equipment based on the item, bring our FREE materials, along with any extra packing items (i.e. mover’s tape, shrink wrap, etc.) that may be necessary.

Try to be strategic when moving heavy or bulky items. If you have an elevator and stairs, which is the best option? Do you need to reserve the elevator? These are some of the things that must be premeditated. Most importantly, can our Los Angeles movers reach your home in our brand new trucks? Will the item fit through the doors? Although these questions will be asked by our expert sales representatives, it’s always best to keep these questions in mind when moving large, bulky items. Our movers are highly trained to disassemble items if they cannot fit through the door and will have the equipment for these types of situations, free of charge. We require that only our most trained and experienced of movers to provide this moving service. Vanguard Van Lines can handle the biggest to the smallest relocation of your household goods. With our focus on keeping your belongings safe and secure from beginning to end, we treat your residential or commercial items as we would our own. Vanguard Van Lines is an interstate moving company that is reliable and trustworthy, which is what distinguishes us in the moving and storage industry.