Professional Packing Pricing
Additional Services


Los Angeles moving companies like Vanguard Van Lines have many other professional services they provide to make any type of residential or commercial relocation less stressful. Many moving companies that provide these type of white glove services will have characteristics where they are licensed, reputable and trustworthy company, you can look into additional services companies' offer. These services typically alleviate move-related anxiety, stress, and pressure during your residential relocation but they do come at a price.

Our pricing is listed below:

Full Packing: $1.50 per cubic foot

Partial Packing: Materials and Labor

Unpacking: $1.00 per cube

Additional Services

White Glove Services

We offer fair prices for our additional white glove services and believe we have the best possible services. An additional service, for example, is professional packing services. Many of the best and most reputable companies offer professional packing services, in addition to their moving services, so that movers hardly have to lift a finger. The essential philosophy behind the idea of additional moving services significantly sets the best moving companies apart from the average. Although these services are great resources, it's also important to consider which moving services you'll need to be added to your move.

If you’re unfamiliar with a door-to-door moving service, then you have come to the right place! The process begins with a moving company sending out a team to load and transport your household goods in a moving truck to your new home. The moving team drives their truck and delivers your goods to your new home, at which point they unload the goods into their final destination or residence. This typically outlines what most people believe moving companies do. If you find yourself unable to complete a move by yourself, it can be a serious stress factor.

That's why we offer some free services to make your move less complex such as:

- Free disassembly & reassembly of furniture or goods that are necessary
- FREE packing materials including:
- [shrink wrap, moving blankets, and mover’s tape]
- FULL inventory taken upon arrival and delivery