Unpacking Services
Additional Services

White Glove Services

No matter if your move is interstate, state to state, long distance, or even cross country, our expert staff at Vanguard provides remarkable and reliable additional and customer services. From the beginning of packing all household goods and miscellaneous items to loading the truck, and finally unpacking your household furnishings and other items which are essential to the quality of your move.

Additional services such as packing, unpacking, free storage etc. are all part of the moving and storage industry and typically come with a fee included. With services like these, we already know we’re a top professional Los Angeles moving company, but if you want accommodating experience, go with Vanguard Van Lines. 

Additional Services


While it doesn't seem like there would be an additional service, it's actually frequently sought after and is a distinguishing trait that Vanguard Van Lines offers. In an industry that’s growing rapidly, we only work with the most professional movers, packers, and even those who will unpack your household goods. Yes, unpacking is another white glove additional service we offer our clients that distinguishes our residential and commercial moving company nationwide. Our staff is exceptionally professional and will have your home and your goods packed properly, safely, and securely.

Not only do we pack quickly and efficiently, but our experts will also handle the tedious job of safely unpacking your furniture and other goods as well. If you decide on professional unpacking services it is considered an additional fee. It is NOT hidden a fee.

However, our Los Angeles moving company will deliver your goods safely in their moving truck, then carefully place your items in each room they belong to. The movers will take direction while carefully taking items off the moving truck and unpacking items and re-assembling furniture. Once everything is unpacked properly, our trained and highly qualified Vanguard Van Lines movers will begin to unpack your belongings in each room where they are directed.